Diabetes management
Diabetes management

Why to suffer kidney failure in diabetes?

Diabetes patients know that his disease will never be cured, but there are medicines which can control sugar and protect them from diseases like kidney failure, blindness etc.

Most of diabetes patients firmly belief that medicines like Metformin, Sitagliptin, Insulin, Glimepiride etc control sugar and prevent complications like kidney failure.

Now questions arise are:

  • Is it true that these medicines can control sugar on long term basis?
  • Is it true that with the help of these medicines and diet chart, diabetes patients are actually controlling blood sugar? 
  • How many diabetes patients actually control sugar so that their HbA1c is less than 6?

Other questions arise are

  • Is it true that those medicines actually prevent kidney failure?
  • Why those who regularly take medicines suffer kidney failure, blindness or heart attack?
  • Do high blood pressure medicines really control the blood pressure of a diabetic patient?

The truth

Most of those who are regularly taking medicines like Glimepiride, insulin etc. have uncontrolled diabetes and some of them can control sugar but none of them can prevent complications like kidney failure.

If you are having uncontrolled diabetes despite taking regular medicines or you are suffering from kidney failure, please contact Dr Vijay Raghavan. You can make your life much better by his advices.

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