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Basics- There are many types of Bacterial infections . Many are acute and mostly chronic. For example, tuberculosis, Typhoid, dysentery etc.

Basic science according to allopathy- An Infections occur due to contamination. Invading bacteria comes through water, air or skin. They infect healthy person and multiply inside your body causing diseases and symptoms. With following information.

  • · It causes high fever which is detrimental to life and must be controlled with antipyretics
  • · Antibacterial should be selected based on sensitivity and applied orally or parenterally as soon as sensitivity report is available. Empirical antibiotics or combination must be given in the meantime.
  • · Person need to be vaccinated to protect from exposure and to build immunity.
  • · Full course of antibiotics must be given in optimum dose, to stop recurrence.


Naturopathic interpretations:

Allopathic doctors think that bacteria cause disease which is wrong. Bacteria actually protect you by scavenging the dead and dying cells and thus protect you from burden of disease. So pathogenic bacteria are not actually harmful that is why antibiotics never kills a bacterium if that happens all bacterial diseases will be cured in single day. 

Then how antibiotics cure Bacterial infections like tuberculosis, typhoid and dysentery. 

Actually with antibiotics doctors prescribe many things including electrolytes, vitamins, good food. Actually that help in recovery.  Antibiotics actually delay recovery because it interferes with bacterial role of scavenging and thus prolong the illness. 

If someone does not take antibiotics in tuberculosis, typhoid or dysentery, that person recovers faster than those taking antibiotics.

It is totally wrong to say that antibiotics decrease the recovery time in infectious diseases or reduces severity.

How treatment of infection discovered in naturopathy:

 Naturopathy observe the discovery in all fields like allopathy, Ayurveda, unani etc. The common thing is immunity is the final thing in infection. If immunity is lost, nothing can save that person. 

This means if antibiotics can save a person by killing bacteria then immune deficient or person on chemotherapy and steroid or those suffering from  AIDS can be saved by antibiotics. 

Naturopathy rejects the idea that antibiotics can kill bacteria in vivo: it means any amount of antibiotics cannot kill a bacterium inside your body without killing you. Even if bacteria is killed the person cannot be cured since the cause of disease is not addressed. Mere killing of bacteria without addressing the true cause of disease will make the disease worse by making that person sicker and sicker.

Naturopathy opens a new are of research in the field of bacteriology. That is addressing the cause of infection or sickness.

Naturopathic treatment: Fasting, citrus fruits and raw diet with some herbs according to season kills all bacteria in 5 days. Even tuberculosis is cured in just 1 month treatment.

Role of above ingredients in bacteriology:

  • Fasting: It reduces glucose level which increases immunity and killing power of lysosomes. The infected cells easily kills bacteria by lysosomal action in fasted state.
  • Citrus fruit: it gives vitamin C, vitamin c helps lysosomal action of killing bacteria and virus.
  • Raw Diet: Raw diet provide sufficient vitamins and minerals which is lost in cooking. Moreover this reduces immunological burden and it takes away immune confusion and helps killing pathogens and dead cells directly.
  • Herbs: Herbs provides anti-oxidants and essential minerals which help building vital energy for survival.

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