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Advantages of our treatment over chemotherapy.

  • Toxicity of Treatment: Cytotoxic drugs used in Chemotherapy  to kill cancer cells which act on DNA of cells. While our treatment uses energy metabolism of cancer cell as a target. These cytotoxic drugs are very harmful to patients with side effects like secondary cancer and sudden death etc.
  • Selectivity in killing cancer cells: Since there is no difference in DNA between cancer cells and normal cells, chemotherapy cannot kill cancer cells without killing normal cells. While our treatment utilizes energy metabolism of cancer cells. Since energy metabolism of cancer cells is anaerobic in nature while normal cells use mostly aerobic respiration. That is how cancer cells are selectively killed by our treatment.
  • Harmful effects of treatment: Our treatment is harmless while chemotherapy is harmful due to use of poisonous cytotoxic drugs.
  • Success rate: Success rate or 5-year survival rate of chemotherapy is only 2% while our treatment can give more than 60 % five-year survival rate. Please click link to know the proofs from developed      countries.
  • Quality of Life: Our Treatment improves quality of life while chemotherapy deteriorates the quality of life of cancer patients.
  • Life expectancy and Survival: Survival and longevity reduce in chemotherapy while life expectancy and quality of  life increases in our treatment.
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