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Heart Diseases

Benefits of treatment of heart disease by metabolic method

  1. Blockage opens without operation or angioplasty.
  2. There is no possibility of blockage again.
  3. Little to no chance of heart attack.
  4. No need to take medicine for life.
  5. Blood pressure, diabetes etc. are also automatically controlled by a single treatment.

Why metabolic treatment is better in diabetes, hypertension, obesity.

Factors of heart attack, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity etc. are completely controlled by adopting metabolic treatment, which reduces the chances of heart attack. Metabolic treatment completely controls cholesterol or triglyceride, which reduces the factor of coronary artery and reduces the chances of heart attack.

In people who have had a heart attack, metabolic therapy is helpful in preventing a second heart attack. In countries like America, heart attacks are now reduced by adopting metabolic treatment.

The Story of Metabolic Treatment

In the words of our patients

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