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Stem Cell Laboratory is basic to metabolic treatment.

Metabolic Treatment development was possible by solid stem cell laboratory and stem cell environment study which is the core functionality of the whole metabolic treatment. We worked hard to find out the basic requirement of environment which means blood pH, and component study which is most favorable for cellular regeneration. By the study of a drop of blood under very high standard microscope we can determine the possible environment for stem cell proliferation and differentiation into different tissues inside our body. Put it simply, we can find out that your health or blood is favorable for your organ regeneration or not. 

In the stem cell laboratory, we tried various culture environments for growth of different types of tissues like kidney, heart, pancreas, nerve etc. Put it simply we found out the most conducive environment which include culture temperature, media pH, and nutrients for growth of kidney, heart, nerve etc from their respective stem cells. These culture conditions can be extrapolated to your own body and condition can be created for regeneration of failed organ.

Variety of things have impact on Stem /cells

By different food, psychology, belief system, ayurvedic herbs, yoga and pranayaam we get different blood environment. Means different types of things put different effects on stem cells and your organ regeneration capacity.

Human Psychology creates diseases:

We develop variety of belief system, which guide our life and our regeneration capacity. in diseases like kidney failure, cancer etc. You can say, we are salves of our belief system and that is what is the major factor in in-curability of diseases. We study your stem cell environment in blood to determine what type of training you require to change your system for best of your health.

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