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Modern Cancer Treatment(The Truth)

Cancer is affecting millions of people around the globe. It is the leading cause of death worldwide and has impacted the society in a big way. If detected and diagnosed in the initial stages, the disease is treatable and curable. If discovered at later stages, the chances of survival are less. There are over a hundred types of cancer affecting humans and as per medical science, the treatment for cancer includes chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, targeted therapy, etc. 

Unhealthy eating habits, smoking, tobacco consumption, excessive drinking of alcohol, lack of physical activity are the leading causes of cancer. Some cancers are benign and some are malignant. Being diagnosed with cancer is a major jolt for the patient as well as the family. It is life-changing and shocking news for many. Dealing with the disease with courage and patience is vital for combating cancer.  new cancer treatment is a fallacy.

When we talk about cancer treatment, there are other curative and alternative treatments available that can help to eliminate the disease or prevent the disease from further spreading to other organs of the body. The goal of these treatments is to provide relief to patients from suffering and improve their quality of life. Moreover, they are harmless with no side-effects. The treatment of cancer in naturopathy gives better result than so called modern treatment.

However, there is some section of people, who after diagnosed with cancer decide not to take chemotherapy and radiation therapy because of their side-effects leading to death. And if they do that, people start making fun of them. They become the object of mockery in the society. They are called a miser. It is quite similar to the Sati custom that existed in ancient India. Women’s life was made miserable after her husband’s death. She was tortured, held responsible for any mishap that happens in the family. The societal pressure was so intense that she had to accept sati and kill herself. 

In the case of cancer treatment, here the bigger point is awareness. People are not aware that such treatments exist and are quite effective in handling the disease. Their benefits are immense. The society should look beyond the conventional methods rather than living in ignorance and criticizing those who are opting for alternative treatments.

Diet chart for cancer

Cancer Treatment

Cancer Treatment

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