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  1. Useful in all types of brain diseases: Effective in Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and all diseases related to neurology or nervous system disorder.
  2. Effective even in the most complicated brain disease: Our treatment based on Naturopathy is effective even in the most complex brain diseases.
  3. Best results worldwide: Even America adopted metabolic treatment.
  4. Metabolic Treatment is completely harmless: Our medicines do not have any side-effects. Our protocol works on the root cause of the disease.
The story of Metabolic Treatment by Dr Vijay Raghavan

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Dr Vijay Raghavan

Benefits of Metabolic Treatment for Neurology

  • Improves brain function without any side effects.
  • Improvement in heart disease, kidney problem, blood pressure etc. No need to consult different experts. That’s why this treatment is better for the poor.
  • Metabolic treatment of neurology prolongs life.
  • Metabolic treatment brings increase in memory power.
  • Metabolic treatment provides relief in bone and joint pain.
  • Metabolic treatment for neurology improves the quality of life of the patient.
  • Metabolic Treatment can improve nervous functions and can correct all problems related to neurology or nervous system disorder.
  • The common treatment can improve over-all health so that your diabetes, and blood pressure is automatically controlled.
  • Quality of life improves as your nervous system regains its function and joints recover by the common metabolic treatment.

Basis of Metabolic Treatment of Neurology

by Dr Vijay Raghavan

According to the latest research, the real reason for Neuro-degeneration like Parkinson’s disease etc. is the accumulation of toxins in the neuron cells. If the defect of the cells is not removed for a long time and only the symptoms are treated, then the patient will not be benefitted.

With metabolic treatment, the defect in the cells is removed and the mental illness or disability gradually improves.

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