Our mission is to provide hospital free care for all diseases considered serious by common man.

We aim to make your life totally independent of corporate hospital care so that you can understand your health and focus with national development without fear of your illness.

With the foremost responsibility to deliver the best result in variety of illness like diabetes, kidney failure, cancer, joint and muscle problems, asthma etc. We at are devoted to providing safe, authentic and quality-driven products.

We make sure that the products we prepare, preserve the core of Nature and traditional Ayurveda in synergy with the need for variety of diseases like diabetes, cancer, kidney failure, arthritis etc.

We adopt a chemical-free approach that encourages us to bring herbal ingredients in use to prepare every product.

All individuals and experts working for Dr Raghavan make efforts to ensure the credibility and effectiveness of the product range we offer.

With a customer-centric approach, we are dedicated to providing scientifically researched joint and muscle care products. Alongside quality and customer satisfaction, our products are also pocket-friendly and stand firm on all safety parameters.