Dr vijay raghavan

Dr. Vijay Raghavan M.B.B.S., M.D.

An allopathic doctor, who rejected his teachings at allopathic medical school and adopted teachings of a naturopath.

Better and Faster result than allopathy.

  • In diabetes, there is no need to take injections daily or pills. Sugar is automatically controlled, and you are protected from complications of diabetes like kidney failure, blindness, heart attacks etc. Our treatment can reverse complication like CKD up to some extent.
  • Our treatment gives better results than dialysis or transplant in kidney failure / CKD. Our treatment provides kidney protection in diseases like high blood pressure or diabetes.
  • Our treatment of cancer is the most successful in the world. Now even developed countries like America are adopting our treatment. Consult our natural oncologists.
  • Better results than current allopathic treatment in heart disease, arthritis, asthma etc.
  • We use natural and curative treatments for the best result in chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, kidney failure, arthritis etc. We select only those treatments which gives faster and better results than allopathy. 

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R-2 Tablets for joint pain
F-1 Tablets for female infertility
S-9 Tablets for sexual dysfunction
M-1 Tablets for diabetes management
V-1 Tablets for blood vessels related diseases
R-Cal Tablets are calcium supplement for bone and joint health
R-1 Tablets for general mineral deficiency useful in all chronic diseases.
K-1 Tablets for acidosis of kidney disease
Supplement for kidney diseases including CKD
Arthritis supplement
H-5 Powder
L-5 Powder

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