Mona Kumari

Mona Kumari: A Skilled Naturopath Trained under Dr. Vijay Raghavan for In-House Patient Management

Meet Mona Kumari, a promising female naturopath who has undergone specialized training under the esteemed guidance of Dr. Vijay Raghavan. Mona is dedicated to providing therapeutic treatments, including mud packs and other naturopathic interventions, for in-house patient management.

Credentials and Training:

Mona Kumari’s journey in naturopathy has been shaped by her comprehensive training under the mentorship of Dr. Vijay Raghavan. This training equips her with the knowledge and skills required to offer effective and natural therapies for a range of health conditions.

Areas of Expertise:

  1. In-House Patient Management: Mona specializes in in-house patient management, ensuring that individuals receive dedicated and personalized care within the comforting environment of Anupama Hospital. This approach fosters a holistic healing experience.
  2. Therapeutic Interventions: As a naturopath, Mona employs various therapeutic interventions to promote wellness and address specific health concerns. Her expertise includes administering mud packs, a natural and traditional therapy known for its detoxifying and healing properties.
  3. Collaborative Approach: Mona Kumari adopts a collaborative approach to patient care, working in conjunction with Dr. Vijay Raghavan and the healthcare team to create individualized treatment plans that align with naturopathic principles.

Why Choose Mona Kumari’s Expertise?

  1. Specialized In-House Care: Mona Kumari’s focus on in-house patient management ensures that individuals receive continuous and comprehensive care within the hospital setting.
  2. Traditional Therapies: With a proficiency in administering therapies like mud packs, Mona combines traditional naturopathic practices with modern healthcare principles for a balanced and effective approach to healing.
  3. Holistic Wellness: Mona emphasizes holistic wellness, considering the interconnectedness of the body, mind, and spirit. Her treatments aim to address the root causes of health issues, promoting long-term well-being.

Experience the benefits of naturopathic therapies and in-house patient management under the expert guidance of Mona Kumari. Whether you seek relief from specific health concerns or wish to enhance your overall well-being, Mona’s dedication and skills contribute to a holistic healing experience. Book a session with Mona Kumari at Anupama Hospital and embark on a journey towards natural wellness.


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